Belleville, IL

An Introduction to Belleville

Population: 41,751 (2021)

Belleville, Illinois, nestled in the heart of the Metro-East region of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern-day attractions. This guide will introduce you to Belleville’s rich history, its vibrant cultural scene, and its must-visit historical landmarks.

Main street lined with historic brick buildings in belleville, il.

History of Belleville

Founded in 1814, Belleville’s name, French for “Beautiful City,” reflects its founders’ aspirations. Originally settled by George Blair, Belleville was named after the beautiful view from Blair’s homestead. The city played a significant role in the development of Illinois, with its fertile lands attracting farmers and its strategic location fostering trade.

During the 19th century, Belleville, IL, became a melting pot of cultures, notably with a substantial German immigrant population, which influenced the city’s architecture, traditions, and community life. Belleville’s historical significance is also marked by its involvement in the Underground Railroad, showcasing the city’s early commitment to freedom and equality.

Things to Do in Belleville, IL

  • Downtown Belleville: Explore the vibrant downtown area, known for its eclectic shops, restaurants, and the Public Square, which hosts various events and festivals throughout the year.
  • Art on the Square: Belleville is home to one of the nation’s top-ranked fine arts shows. This event brings together artists, collectors, and community members in a celebration of creativity.
  • Eckert’s Belleville Country Store & Farms: A family-owned and operated establishment, offering pick-your-own fruits, seasonal festivities, and farm-to-table dining experiences.

Historical Landmarks in Belleville, IL

  • Labor & Industry Museum: The only museum in Illinois dedicated to the state’s labor history, showcasing Belleville’s industrial past and its role in shaping the region.
  • Gustave Koerner House: This historic home offers a glimpse into the life of Gustave Koerner, a prominent political figure and friend of Abraham Lincoln, highlighting Belleville’s political significance.
  • Emma Kunz House: Built in 1830, this house is one of Belleville’s oldest buildings, reflecting the architectural styles and living conditions of early Illinois settlers.
Emma kunz house
Emma kunz house: the oldest house in belleville, il
Labor and industry museum belleville il
Labor and industry museum located in belleville, il.
Gustave koerner house in belleville il
Gustave koerner house located in belleville, il.

Come Visit us And Relax

Belleville, IL, is a city that proudly preserves its past while embracing the future. Whether you’re interested in exploring its historical roots, enjoying its cultural offerings, or simply experiencing the hospitality of its residents, Belleville welcomes you. This guide only scratches the surface of what Belleville has to offer; we invite you to visit and discover its beauty and charm for yourself with family and friends.

Driving Directions from Belleville to Edwwardsville, IL

Driving directions from Belleville, IL to 360 Infusions located at 441 S State Route 157, Suite 102, Edwardsville, IL 62025:

  1. Head east on W Main St toward N Church St.
  2. Turn right onto N Illinois St.
  3. Continue onto IL-159 N/S Illinois St.
  4. Merge onto I-64 E/US-50 E via the ramp to Mount Vernon.
  5. Take exit 16 for IL-157 N toward Collinsville.
  6. Keep left at the fork and follow signs for IL-157 N.
  7. Merge onto IL-157 N.
  8. Turn right onto S State Route 157.
  9. 360 Infusions will be on your right at 441 S State Route 157, Suite 102.