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360 Infusions was established with the goal of offering patients an additional clinical approach for treating mental illness, chronic pain, and overall total body wellness.

Our Treatments

We offer a personalized approach to our patients where they will never meet with any provider who will not be directly involved in their care.

If and when we begin treating your mental health with ketamine infusions, you will be provided a detailed list of expectations that we have for ourselves. We are committed to working with your current health care provider to ensure your primary management team does not change. Our treatment guidelines adhere to current clinical evidence based practice established by national organizations. All of our providers are board certified and licensed by their respective national and state professional boards.

Our vitamin infusion offerings reflect the current trends for overall health and wellness. Additional information regarding all offerings is available upon request. See our services offered page for additional information.

Initial consultations and questions can be scheduled in person or over the phone with one of our 4 clinical providers. Please schedule an appointment through our online portal or reach out by phone. We look forward to establishing a relationship with any and all of our future patients.

If you do not see an appointment time that works for you, please call as there are days that we can tailor our availability to yours. We realize not everyone has the ability or desire to take a full day off of work to receive treatment. Therefore, we have the ability to offer evening appointments upon request and availability; when in doubt REACH OUT!

Services Offered

Ketamine infusions for mental illness (depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, chronic pain, other pain syndromes):
Infusions Information:
  • Packages offered (all come with reflective discounted pricing):
    • Set of 3 infusions 
    • Set of 6 infusions: (5% discount)
    • Set of 10 infusions: (10% discount)
  • Financing:  Patient financing offered upon request, up to 14 months interest free financing
  • Military and First Responders: 10% discount on single infusions, additional 5% discount on infusion packages
Vitamin Infusions:
  • Individualized infusions tailored to each patient ranging in price from $100-200 per infusion
  • Focuses: Athletic recovery, immune system support, detox, beauty/wellness, hydration, headache relief, Myers’ cocktail, overall hydration
  • NAD+ Infusions available upon request and subject to availability
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Our Providers

Brad Gerlach

CRNA Brad has multiple degrees from DePauw University, Saint Louis University, and graduated with his MSN in Anesthesia from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015. Brad returned to St. Louis following graduation where he worked for Washington University Physicians for 6 years. His interest in treating mental illness with Ketamine peaked due to his personal relationships with friends and family who spoke to the overwhelming results of their treatment. Brad is a licensed and registered CRNA with the state of Illinois and board certified through the NBCRNA.

Frank Grasso

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Rick Scott

CRNA Rick was born and raised in southern Illinois. He attended both Murray State University (2006, BS) and Saint Louis University (2012, BS) for his undergraduate education. Rick graduated from Webster University in 2018 with his MS in Anesthesia. Rick’s interest in Ketamine therapy was due to frustrations with lack of options for mental health services available for patients. The opportunity to make a difference with Ketamine, a medication commonly used in anesthesia, presented a unique opportunity to offer an additional option for those not getting the results they desired with their current treatment. He also is passionate about offering assistance to our military and first responder communities. Rick is also a licensed and registered CRNA with the state of Illinois and board certified through the NBCRNA.

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